Sticky bonuses are available for both seasoned gamblers and amateurs. They target big spenders. Players that play loved games e.g. Craps are the main targets. Below is everything you need to know about sticky bonuses.

Pros and Cons

Sticky bonuses are an efficient way of starting your game. This could likely be due to their initial bankroll boost. The 200 to 400 percent matches on initial player deposit is also a contributing factor. Its disadvantage is enticing beginners into believing they should make large bets.


The internet is an important tool in researching about casinos offering sticky bonuses. You need to read reviews about the referred casinos to avoid bias. In doing so, one should take precaution as some casinos may claim to offer what they don’t.


There are of two types: Disappearing sticky bonus and Expiration date sticky bonus.

  • Disappearing sticky bonus: You can play with the bonus until your first withdrawal. After a player’s first cash withdrawal, this bonus disappears. This is the most popular signup bonus. You cannot retrieve the bonus amount after it vanishes.
  • Expiration date sticky bonus: – This bonus will remain after the first withdrawal. This goes on until a certain date. While this is appealing, it is hard to find. Before attempting to redeem your money, you should read the fine print.

Withdrawing Precautions

Casinos have different terms and conditions. Many casinos need one to meet the wagering amounts before withdrawing. Failure to do so forfeits the bonus and winnings. It is advisable to be conversant with the casino’s terms before making withdrawals.

While hunting for sticky bonuses, it is important to note that the bonus remains with the casino. While this may not sound like a good idea, it has its advantages. You will manage to meet the wagering amounts with ease. If you choose to go this path, you need to know what you are getting yourself into.