The number of online gamblers is continuously increasing. The number of online Casinos is also growing to meet the demand of the online gambling world. Many these Casinos are imploring marketing strategies to attract players. One way is offering bonuses to customers. There are many types of rewards. One of them is the match bonus. Many online Casinos provide this bonus to new gamblers. The main aim is to keep them gambling.

Double Bonus

Some refer to match bonus as the double bonus. But on a closer look, it is not precisely so. There are regulations to make sure the Casino also makes a profit. First, what is a match bonus? When you sign up for a gambling site, you will not gamble immediately. You will first hold your money and do some background check on the various offers. Which games are available and which ones are suitable for you. To prompt you to make your first deposit, a Casino will offer you a match bonus. They will tell you to deposit s certain amount then they will double it for you. For example, you file 50 Pounds, and the Casino adds you another 50 Pounds. In total, you have 100 Pounds. Some sites offer more like William hill signup bonus which triples the deposit amount.


To make sure they do not run at a loss, Casinos put a percentage cap on the bonus. That means there is an absolute limit to the match bonus. For example, the casino may offer 50% bonus up to a specific value. It means you will not get precisely a double amount.

In summary, the primary aim of the match bonus is to attract new online gamblers to sign up. Once they are already members, the gift starts decreasing. The more you deposit, the less bonus you get. That is why the match bonus is not exactly a double bonus.